Five Letter Words ending in F

Greetings, Wordle experts and Scrabble gurus, to our new list — a trove of 5-letter words ending in 'F'. As sharp players, you understand the significance of a well-positioned word, and how a rich vocabulary can be your secret to victory. Today, we're unveiling a special class of words that could be your game-changer in upcoming word duels. This intriguing list of 5-letter words ending in the letter 'F' will not only fortify your game approach but also bring a novel flair to your wordplay. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to journey into a universe of words that promises to boost your scores and dazzle your rivals.

Based on our algorithms, the best words to try next in your Wordle game are the following:

  • shift
  • schif

These words are suggested based on how much more likely they are to eliminate maximum number of possible answers in a single turn.

Found 95 words.

  • aloof
  • bluff
  • brief
  • chaff
  • chief
  • cliff
  • dwarf
  • fluff
  • grief
  • gruff
  • motif
  • proof
  • scarf
  • scoff
  • serif
  • shelf
  • skiff
  • sniff
  • snuff
  • spoof
  • staff
  • stiff
  • stuff
  • thief
  • wharf
  • whiff
  • blaff
  • boeuf
  • calif
  • choof
  • chuff
  • cloff
  • daraf
  • decaf
  • draff
  • feoff
  • flaff
  • ganef
  • ganof
  • girlf
  • gliff
  • gonef
  • gonif
  • gonof
  • graff
  • griff
  • groof
  • grouf
  • houff
  • howff
  • kalif
  • kenaf
  • kloof
  • kreef
  • laarf
  • makaf
  • metif
  • mudif
  • nyaff
  • opgaf
  • pilaf
  • pluff
  • pouff
  • preif
  • prief
  • pyuff
  • quaff
  • quiff
  • quoif
  • radif
  • redif
  • reeaf
  • saunf
  • scaff
  • schif
  • scuff
  • scurf
  • sheaf
  • skeef
  • skelf
  • skoff
  • sluff
  • snarf
  • sowff
  • spiff
  • swarf
  • swerf
  • tawaf
  • thelf
  • trayf
  • treif
  • treyf
  • triff
  • wauff
  • whoof

Haven't found the word you're looking for? Make sure to only enter letters in known positions in the green tiles. If you know a letter exists in the word, but don't know where, put it in the yellow tiles. Click here to move all the green tiles to yellow and see if you can then find your word.

Common Prefix

Five Letter Words ending in F grouped by Common Prefix

aloofbluff, brief, blaff, boeufchaff, chief, cliff, calif, choof, chuff, cloffdwarf, daraf, decaf, drafffluff, feoff, flaffgrief, gruff, ganef, ganof, girlf, gliff, gonef, gonif, gonof, graff, ...houff, howffkalif, kenaf, kloof, kreeflaarfmotif, makaf, metif, mudifnyaffopgafproof, pilaf, pluff, pouff, preif, prief, pyuffquaff, quiff, quoifradif, redif, reeafscarf, scoff, serif, shelf, skiff, sniff, snuff, spoof, staff, stiff, ...thief, tawaf, thelf, trayf, treif, treyf, triffwharf, whiff, wauff, whoof14743132414117332674ABCDFGHKLMNOPQRSTWPrefix02468101214161820222426↑ Count

Common Suffix

Five Letter Words ending in F grouped by Common Suffix

daraf, decaf, kenaf, makaf, opgaf, pilaf, reeaf, sheaf, tawafbrief, chief, grief, thief, ganef, gonef, kreef, prief, skeefbluff, chaff, cliff, fluff, gruff, scoff, skiff, sniff, snuff, staff, ...motif, serif, calif, gonif, kalif, metif, mudif, preif, quoif, radif, ...shelf, girlf, skelf, thelfsaunfaloof, proof, spoof, choof, ganof, gonof, groof, kloof, whoofdwarf, scarf, wharf, laarf, scurf, snarf, swarf, swerfboeuf, grouftrayf, treyf993813419822AFEFFFIFLFNFOFRFUFYFSuffix0510152025303540↑ Count

Most Frequent Letters

The Most Frequent Letters in the words above

371932136421303028141471014412102691143020406080100120140Count →ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUWYLetter