Five Letter Words ending in J

Salutations, Wordle whizzes and Scrabble savants, and welcome to our latest list — a smorgasbord of 5-letter words ending in 'J'. As adept players, you know the thrill of dropping a well-chosen word, and how a robust vocabulary can give you the upper hand. Today, we're focusing on a particular category of words that could become your secret key to winning future word battles. This fascinating list of 5-letter words ending in the letter 'J' will not only bolster your game strategy but also add a novel layer to your wordplay. So, buckle up and get ready to journey into a universe of words that is sure to amplify your scores and bewilder your rivals.

Found 3 words.

  • aflaj
  • basij
  • falaj

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Common Prefix

Five Letter Words ending in J grouped by Common Prefix

aflajbasijfalaj111ABFPrefix0.↑ Count

Common Suffix

Five Letter Words ending in J grouped by Common Suffix

aflaj, falajbasij21AJIJSuffix0.↑ Count

Most Frequent Letters

The Most Frequent Letters in the words above

5223111012345Count →ABFIJLSLetter